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for health, beauty and healthy home solutions. Grandma’s will teach these time-honored methods to her clients, either as a group or individually. Please go to the Events & Seminars page for a calendar of upcoming public presentations and watch for videos on these topics on this website, as we publish them.

Grandma’s Herbals products include infusions, decoctions, salves, tinctures, syrups, powders, foot and hand soaks, poultices and compresses – in the folk tradition - all with the individual in mind. You can visit pages for each product by selecting it from the column under Products.

Grandma’s offers quality dry herbs in small (less than one pound) quantities.  Please contact us for any special requirements, and we will try to connect you to quality resources.


Grandma’s does not manufacture in a large scale, commercial venue, nor does it offer products that meet GMP (good manufacturers’ practices) standards; though she will offer connections and recommendations for those herb and specialty nutritional food companies that do.

Though none of these products are approved or evaluated by the FDA, they are created with the utmost care and guaranteed fully refundable and returnable if not completely satisfied.

Grandma’s Herbals was launched in 2005 as a business, owned and operated by Jan Keyes, herbalist and nutrition consultant.

    The business has grown to include descriptive tutorial presentations and individual instruction about traditional uses of herbs and nutrition

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