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Tinctures, Liniments & Washes

        Tinctures are extracts of plants, usually in alcohol, that allow certain plant constituents to be suspended, concentrated and preserved.  I make extracts of individual herbs (called ‘simples’) using the fresh or dried leaves or roots.  I also create customized formulations using combinations of herbal extracts for individuals.  Additionally, I make formulations for general use and you can decide whether the product may be suitable to your needs.  Tinctures are generally used internally, while liniments are alcohol extracted herbs used externally.  All tincture formulations, as with all of Grandma’s Herbal products, are refundable, if they do not meet expectations.

NEW - For the Cold & Flu Season:

“Heads Up” Healing Drops

A nasal wash to help alleviate excess mucus in the nasal sinuses.  It combines the antimicrobial properties of Oregon Grape Root and the soothing, anti-inflammatory Calendula petals in a saline and glycerite solution.  A few drops in the nasal passages will support relief from nasal congestion and support reduction of nasal congestion.  It can also be used as an eye drop or ear drops, however, consult your physician to determine its suitability for your health concerns.

1 ounce with dropper          $10  (+ 2.00 s/h)


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*This product is Not FDA tested or approved.  Money-back guaranteed.  Contact Jan Keyes for any questions or if you need to modify the formulation specific to your needs.   Consult your physician if using this product for a medical condition.