Grandma’s Herbals

Grandma’s Herbal Teas

After scouting around for quality ingredients, Grandma’s has developed several tantalizing tea recipes.  Jan blends these for unique tastes and needs.  Unlike many teas that are prepackaged of unknown age and quality, rest assured you will find these to be superior in both taste and quality... and, naturally, they’re all organic with no skimping on ingredients. 

You can also get your own custom blend - just contact Jan and she’ll be happy to make up a batch for you to try!

Currently the following teas are available:

Heart-Tea Delight

A fruity blend of dried cranberry, red lycii fruit, heart-healthy hawthorn berry - all high in anti-oxidants.  Studies have proven Hawthorn is a specific to support the heart in creating a strong and regular pumping action. (Positive inotropic)  

Mamma’s Time Out Tea      

With toning raspberry leaf, nutritious, mineral-rich nettles, soothing and relaxing chamomile and oatstraw, emotionally strengthening rose petals, with tasty spearmint & lemon balm ... with a hint of natural stevia leaf - all organic, tasty and delicious (even if you're not a mom, you'll enjoy sipping on this tasty tea - warm or iced.)


A relaxing herbal combination featuring organic chamomile flowers,

oatstraw, milky oat, linden flower, skullcap, catnip, lemon verbena, fennel, wild lettuce,

with a hint of nutmeg and a few calendula petals.   A nice way to end the day and provide the perfect cup for a good night’s sleep.  For more ‘problem sleeping conditions’ - I can customize your recipe - maybe a little valerian root or more skullcap may be necessary...

Cranberry-Orange Frui-Tea Delight

This beautiful ruby red brew attributes its unique color and taste to rooibos, an African twig that has become popular in the west to add to tea blends.  Its really delightfully delicious!  Add some green tea, some cranberries, apricot bits, orange peel, some hibiscus flowers, cinnamon and lemon and lime zest and you have the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. 

Ginger-Orange Tea Time

Though many people know green tea for its antioxidant values, it doesn’t always appeal to the taste.  This brew makes it a delight to enjoy this healthful beverage - anytime.  With candied ginger bits added, along with lemon and orange citrus flavors, yet without overpowering.  Try a cup as an afternoon pick-me-up to add inspiration to your day.


Relaxation is the aim when you sit and enjoy a tea break with Sereni-Tea.  Its honey-scented chamomile flowers are combined with delicate rose petals and lavender. Oatstraw and milky oat are known to relieve muscle tension, while lemon balm and schisandra uplift the mood and restore balance.  With a little sweetener, natural sweet leaf, stevia - who could not feel better after a cup?  Feel the tension dissipate and restore you to your ‘old self.’

Peppermint Pat-Tea       

On a hot summer day you’ll really appreciate this cool, refreshing blending of mints, lemon and a hint of ginger.  It makes a delightful iced tea with an extra slice of lemon, a sprig of lemon-balm and sweetened or left as a minty refresher.  And, peppermint is an ideal ally for those who tend to have digestive issues, too - making it the perfect after-meal drink.

Customized Tea Blends

Give us a call if you have specific tea blend requirements.  We’ll try to accommodate your tastes and ideas.  (Minimum 5 bag orders may be required).