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Jan’s Best Cough, Cold & Flu Concentrate

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4 oz. glass bottles $10.00 (+ $2.00 S&H)

8 oz. glass bottles $18.00 (+ $3.00 S&H)

        This respiratory tonic is formulated, in small batches following the age-old folk tradition using quality organic herbal infusions of particular plants that focus support for the respiratory and immune systems— specifically during times of viral or bacterial infection.*  Some of these include immune enhancing Echinacea and Astragalus roots, soothing and expectorating Wild Cherry Bark, anti-viral Elderberry, and anti-microbial Oregon Grape Root.

Lesser known, but included as tonifying to the lungs and respiratory system are extracts of India’s Khella, (Amni visnaga), and Elecampane Root.  Elecampane is traditionally used to open the brochioles and help clear the cilia in the lungs.  These extracts, combine in organically prepared apple cider, thickened and preserved in vegetable glycerite, raw honey and sugar. 

This unique formulation, in folkloric tradition, is designed to soothe and help support irritated throats, help shorten respiratory viral infections and strengthen the body’s immune defenses.*

Other minor but supportive ingredients


Red Root Sage (Salvia miltorrhiza): (anti-viral)

Spilanthes:  (anti-viral)

Willow Bark: (relief to vascular congestion)

Cranberry, Blueberry & Pomegranite juices:

       Anti-oxidant, vascular tonics, nutritive.

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*This product is Not FDA tested or approved.  Money-back guaranteed.  Contact Jan Keyes for any questions or if you need to modify the formulation specific to your needs.