Grandma’s Herbals

Grandma’s Herbal Salves

Grandma’s makes salves the old-fashioned way by using only the best, organic oils and freshest plants, which she grows or gathers in her own yard or neighborhood.  Careful attention and respect is paid to time-honored methods and materials with every jar made.  Small, hand crafted batches ensure quality.  All ingredients for each formulation are organic.  No synthetic ingredients are used.  No petrochemicals are used.  No artificial ingredients - colors, dyes or perfumes are used in any product.

These salve formulations are currently available:

Jan’s Best Healing Herb Salve:

This salve also helps repair damage due to burns & scrapes and even relieves hemorrhoids & the ravages of psoriasis. Constituent plants in Jan’s Best healing Herb Salve include Calendula, Comfrey, St John’s Wort, Plantain, Yarrow, Chickweed, and Others - each with specialized properties to alleviate itching and rashes and help hasten wound repair from burns, cuts, surgeries, and many other incidences of skin damage.  

Jan’s Best Fungal Herb Salve: 

The added properties of this special salve helps relieve the raw, red, itchy conditions associated with Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections.  It will be a blessing to soothe and relieve the ravages that skin fungus create.  The plants chosen in this formulation are known for their anti-fungal properties.  These include extracts of: Tea Tree, Oregano, Myrrh and wide-spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial Oregon Grape Root.

Jan’s Best Gardener’s Salve:

Jan’s newest formulation is now available - just in time for outdoor gardening season.  Rub it on dry, cracked, sun-worn hands, feet or face - wherever garden work has ravaged your skin.  Its special emollient properties help heal over night.  You’ll wake up to a new, softer, renewed you! Contains organically grown Comfrey and Calendula and wildcrafted Plantain Leaf, thickened with all natural beeswax - with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors.

Calendula seed ready for planting

Each 1 oz. Grandma’s Herbals Specialty Salve Product is only $12.00  (+ $3.00 S&H).

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