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                      ‘My Own’ Body Powder


Grandma’s Herbals offers “My Own Body Powder”   It is made from all natural, organic ingredients - simple, hypoallergenic - and packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard tube.  The offerings are customized to suit your needs - using finely ground herbs that support your body type -

My Own Body Powder - Lavender   4 oz. by volume            $5.00

Lavender is added for its nice clean scent and its antibacterial properties -

the most popular additive to the powder.

My Own Body Powder - Calendula (4 oz. by vol.  )             $5.00

Calendula may be your preference - it is a nice additive for diaper rash

or other red skin - it is soothing and healing and is offered here as a

finely ground additive.

My Own Body Powder - Sage (4 oz. by vol.)     $5.00

Sage - a wise choice for the damp constitution.  This powder can be a wonderful substitute for deodorant or antiperspirant.  It offers an all natural, non-chemical option that does not add any artificial ingredients to your body. 

A herbal consult may help in getting to the underlying cause of constitutional imbalances ... don’t forget - diet, stress, hormonal changes - all can (and often do) affect us outwardly.

Grandma’s Herbals All Organic Specialty Powder Products are 4 oz. by volume sold in a cardboard tube with closeable, shaker top for easy application.   $5/each. 

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