Grandma’s Herbals

Our organic dried herbs are cut & sifted, from healthy, traceable sources.  Weighed at 28 gm. (1 oz.)

Leaf, (L); Flower (F), Berry (B), Seeds (S), Roots (R),

and Mushrooms (M) are cut/sifted, unless otherwise requested.

This listing is by common name, but more technical information can be requested by email.  Consult a licensed medical professional for use of any and all herbal products for medical conditions.

I averaged herbs costs to $4.00 for all 1 oz. pkgs.,

3 1 oz. herb packages (any combination) for $10.00

(which includes shipping/handling)

We currently have the following herbs (in limited supply):

Common Name:       

Agrimony (L)               

Angelica (R)                 

Astragalus (R)                   

Arrowroot (R)               

Black Cohosh (R)              

Bloodroot (R)             

Burdock (L)                   

Burdock (R)                     

Calendula (F)                  

Celendine (L,F)               

Chaga (M)                      

Chamomile (F)               

Chickweed (L)               

Cleavers (L)                   

Codonopsis (R)               

Colts Foot (L)                  

Comfrey (L)                   

Coriander (S)               

Corn Flower (F)           

Crampbark (B)               

Cranesbill (R)               

Dandelion (L)               

Dandelion (R)               

Devil’s Club (R)           

Dong Quai (R)              

Echinacea angustifolia (R)   

Echinacea purpurea (R)       

Elderberry (B)               

Elderflower (F)               

Eleuthero (R)               

Feverfew (F/L)               

Fenugreek (S)               

Flax (S) whole           

FoTi (HeShouWu)        

Gotu Kola (L)               

Gymnema Sylvestris   (powdered root)

Hawthorn (B)               

He Shou Wu (R)           

Hops (F)                       

Horsetail (L)              

Lady’s Mantle (L)       

Lavender (F)               

Licorice (R)             

Lobelia (L)

Nettles (L)

Oregon Grape (R)

Pau D’Arco (R)

Plantain (L)

Red Root (R)

Sage (L)

Schisandra (B)

Schisandra (B)

Scullcap (L)

Tumeric Powder (R)

White Willow Bark

Wild Cherry Bark

Yarrow (L)

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